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La Coma d'Arcalís, privilegiated setting for Individual race

Individual arrival and departure will stand at the cirque of  "la Coma d'Arcalis". The circuit is almost entirely in alpine terrain and the only tracks through ski slopes are arrival and departure point providing a technical tour charateristic of Arcali's mountains.

Font Blanca is back on World Cup 2015

During the annual general assembly held on 14th June in Stockholm, the ISMF established Font Blanca will be back in ski mountaineering World Cup 2015.

As well Font Blanca will be the 2nd race of the world calendar with Vertical and Individual modalities on 24th and 25th January. The race will be broadcasted according to the media plan established in last World Cup by the ISMF who reached 9,8 million audience.


News 2014

The Open Race Font Blanca recovers team's modality

3-12-13-. On Saturday 15 february, rest day for European Championship's  athletes who had competed in the vertical race and who will participate in the individual race, th Open race Font blanca will take place in Arcalís sector.

The race recovers the team modality which includes a tour that will top the Font Blanca peak that gives its name tot the race.

Many of the andorran team will compete in the European Championships


29-11-13-. Large number of athletes of the andorran national team will compete in the European Championships and thus will not compete in the Open team Race on saturday.

After friday's vertical, athletes will concentrate their efforts on the individual race on sunday. On saturday 15 february, will take place the Open team Racescoring for the andorran Cup and the FEEC's Catalan cup.

The andorran delegation participates in the ISMF'S Forum in Lausanne

8-10-2013-. This week-end, the Andorran Mountaineering Federation (FAM) has taken part in the ISMF's Forum (International Ski Federation Mountainering) in Lausanne, Switzerland. FAM  has presented the ski mountaineering European Championships Font Blanca 2014 which will be held from 14th to 16th february in Andorra.

Here they have met european, american and russian organizers of 2014 World Cup ski mountaineering races. In the technical meetings they have dealt with topics such as changes in regulations, organizational protocols, anti-doping control devices, etc.
During the Forum, the FAM has presented the organization of the race Font Blanca 2014 where the best racers in Europe, will come to Andorra to represent their country in vertical and individual disciplines.